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This is seemingly the fourth week of travel on mining business.  Past trips went well.  This week’s trip was a mess.  I record this here in the hope that you may learn from my mistakes.  I confess it was all my fault; due to inattention, old age, or overconfidence, I do not know.  Here is the story. (more…)

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Most consultants work from large towns and cities.  Most mines are distant in some far place.  Some lucky consultants may be able to drive to the mine site.  Most consultants have to fly and spend a day or weeks away from home.   Here are some tips on those long flights from the city to the distant mine. (more…)

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There are many new mining-related conferences to attend in 2013.   All very well if you are very important  and travel with an unlimit company expense acount. (more…)

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No blog postings these past two weeks.  I have been doing what miners do: working on mines.  I have been doing what geotechnical engineers do: travelling to sites to see the soils & rocks.  I have been doing what consultants do:  going to far-away places to see, think, and advise. (more…)

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    Today, we travel for work, escapism/pleasure, and information.  In the past, the only travellers were soldiers, sailors, warriors, merchants, and crazy adventurers.  Today old ladies go to Turkey to see the sights; in the past only society’s misfits would venture that far.  Think of Alexander and his belligerents travelling from Macedonia to India.  Think of silk transported from China to the wives of Roman senators.  Think of Dutch sailors in search of the spices of the east.  Think Livingston & Stanley in  Africa.  Think Spanish in search of gold.  Think of why people go to Amsterdam? (more…)

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   I should write something intelligent about the mining industry in this blog: smart, insightful, incisive comment.  But I choose instead to comment on recent reports of people being kicked of flights because they are “too fat to fly.” (more…)

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