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Not sure how I missed the blog Mining Mayhem for so long.  I have posted a link to this fascinating site on my blogroll to the right.  It is well worth your time to go take a look. 

Nothing serious in the way of analysis, but instead a glorious collection of photographs of mining accidents and mishaps.  Most of trucks and other mining equipment that have fallen down, tipped over, or gotten bogged down. 

These photos go to remind us of the need for constant attention to health and safety in the mining environment.

Not sure how he gets all these photos, but I sure  hope he keeps collecting and posting them.  I for one will go back frequently to see new ones.

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Melissa Marco is part of the growing sisterhood of women miners (ninemsn)

My April 1 resolution:  never again read a magazine, blog, or newspaper bedecked with a picture of a drill rig, a big truck, or worse, a young lady in a hard hat in front of a mining truck.   Imagine my chagrin and rage on seeing this photo, which accompanies a gushing article from Australia.  I cannot resist breaking my April 1 resolution and copying it here.


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Haul truck, ASARCO mine, Sahuarita, AZ

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Here is a link to a part of YouTube I will visit only once: umpteen short videos of mining trucks. Kind of dull I thought. But you may enjoy these MTV-type productions if you get a thrill watching big equipment to the strains of old county-western songs.

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