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Here is a welcome announcement from the University of British Columbia.  An Executive MBA in Strategic Mining Management. I wish I were young enough to attend–but I am one of those soon to be demographic shifters, a baby boomer about to retire. Maybe I can lecture in my dotage on the relevance of tailings management to strategic mining management.  But they probably won’t give a blogger the podium. So be it.  We must simply applaud the move, support them, and wish them and their graduates well. Here the full announcement: (more…)

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Monday night we went to the tents at Bard on the Beach to see Shakespeare’s Opera presented by students from the University of British Columbia. First a tail-gate meal in amongst the trees of chicken, bread, and wine.  Just the right stuff to put you in the mood for opera.  And we were not disappointed. The students are all magnificent singers and we revel in the thought that there is such talent out there to take the place of older singers.  Opera proceeds with confidence into the future when you hear these young singers. (more…)

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“Call me Luke.”  Thus introduced, we sat down to talk about his career, his company, and mining copper. Luke is a civil engineering graduate of the University of British Columbia.  He spent the first five years working for consultants in the United States and British Columbia on tailings facilities.  “That way I learnt part of what makes a mine work,” he assured me, as the names of the mines slip easily from him:  Kennecott, Dome, Campbell.  (more…)

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 Two Canadian universities offer Mining MBAs.   York University, Schulich School of Business has announced as follows: (more…)

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On the plane from Seattle to Vancouver:  she sat next to me; she was tall, and ginger, with the white skin and freckles of the perfect.  She told me she is a geologist en route to a weekend with her boyfriend, also a geologist doing a masters at the University of British Columbia (UBC) in exploration geology on a scholarship from Hunter Dickinson.  (more…)

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    Should your mining company run a blog, sponsor a tweet, or facebook away to all the world?  Every mining manager has asked this question.  Few receive intelligent answers.  Those amongst their staff with blogger instincts or skills, plead for a blog, write a blog, and persist until they offend some sensitive individual.  Then the blog is pulled and the mining company rethinks the question.   (more…)

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The Edmonton CIM conference came to a crescendo ending today with a session on backfill and a session on the impediments to progress in mining.  The night before I was invited by a work colleague to the McDonald Hotel and its Harvest restaurant.  This is one of those grand hotels built across Canada to provide rail-travellers luxury accommodation as they traversed the country.   And we ate, drank, and laughed well. 

At the dinner was a young man whose parents indulge in a taste like mine for 1970s style orange and green bathrooms.  Seriously though, this young man is, in my opinion, one of those who will dominate the mining industry in the years to come: as much because of shining intelligence as urbane manners and a perfect-pitch sense of humor–afterall if it is not fun, why do it?


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