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The news is that the area around the Grand Canyon is off-limits to uranium mining for the next 20 years.

The Obama administration has banned new mining near the Grand Canyon, an area known to be rich in high-grade uranium ore reserves, the Associated Press reported. (more…)

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I spent the week in Saskatoon dealing with uranium mining waste disposal.  Confidentiality precludes me writing about it, so I will instead tell a story about my townhouse and buses.  The story has nothing to do with mining and everything to do with mining.  Every miner will recognize the people involved and the issues at stake. 


The sun has returned to Vancouver and it filters down through the tall trees onto the patio outside the townhouse.  This house is but one of a about 200 in a complex high up the hills of the North Shore.   When I bought the house in 1980, the trees were small and the sun came down directly onto the patio.  To the west, along the river was an active landfill where the gulls swooped as each new load of rubbish was dumped.  Today the landfill is a horse stable and a playing field and people amble along the river with excited dogs keen to nip the heals of the horses. 


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