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Here above is a photo taken today by a colleague.  It shows a sky-sculpture above the Vancouver conference center.  Appears the sky phenomena is to advertise the TED conference.  Attendance costs a mere $5,300 or so. (more…)

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Today I spent reviewing abstracts for the conference Geosynthetic Solutions in Mining 2014.  We have received about thirty superb abstracts.  Only two missed the mark—mine planning and waste management, but no consideration of geosynthetics therein.  We have asked the authors to rework their abstracts for their topics promise fascinating insight. (more…)

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We went this weekend to the Sunshine Coast north of Vancouver.  A ferry ride and many small roads winding along picturesque scenery.  No sunshine but these photos.






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The North Shore News is the local newspaper delivered free once a week to the front door.  It contains a roundup of local news, adverts, and an occasional opinion of profundity.  Here is a link to one.  This opinion piece nicely summarizes the dichotomy and dilemma of British Columbia and those old people who protest on Sundays to fill an otherwise idle day.  The editorial says: (more…)

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In addition to blogging, I consult to the mining industry.  And I work with Andy Robertson who also owns InfoMine to promote conferences — something InfoMine has decided to undertake in a big way. A few months ago, Andy asked me what topic I thought would make for a good conference.  A short reflection and I suggested geosynthetics in mining.   Way back in 1974 or thereabouts, I became familiar with geosynthetics when i used Bidim to make the base of a tailings facility in South Africa.  I became very familiar with geosynthetics about five years ago when Andy and I suggested geotextiles and geogrid placed on frozen tailings for the Suncor Pond 5 cover base.  In between, I have designed geogrid reinforced slopes, built reinforced walls, placed covers and liners, and read about geosynthetics.  (more…)

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A perfect summer day.  Last night to the Bard on the Beach Twelfth Night, a great production all round.  No mumbling; no action on the hidden balcony; lots of humor; many laughs; and great acting.  This is sustainable theater: a play that touches the heart, deals with eternal themes, and ends happily. (more…)

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In perfect hot, sunny weather, I took these photos today of ships and boats in Vancouver harbor.  Cruise ships &, luxury yachts, the pinnacle of luxury.  And a single ferry and a working barge!

DSCN0242 (more…)

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Back in Vancouver after six weeks in Orange County, California.  Loved the sun, the beach, the heated pool, and the family.  But it is great to be back to the expense, beauty, and banalities of a city.  And the pleasures of self-indulgence of the senses sans censors. (more…)

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Ours is a small consulting company serving the mining industry.  Most of us cycle to work.  We are part of the increase bicycle use in Vancouver as reported at this link, which notes in part: (more…)

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Here are a few photos taken on today’s bike ride.  Some are art, some graffiti.  I prefer the graffiti.

First pure graffiti on a wall along the bike path—and in a place where the Vancouver graffiti police cannot see it and blot it out.


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