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Got a long lesson in using the new format CareerMine today.  This is what I found about mining jobs for engineers in Vancouver.

First up is a job with Robertson GeoConsultants (RGC).  Probably no secret that I work for RGC.  Not full time.  I take off as much time as I want to so that I can blog and visit kids and grandkids.  In fact I will be off on Wednesday to the kids in California and then a month in Spain with my son and his family in a house on the beach.  OK, I like the rain in Vancouver as much as anybody—kind of sensuous and clean, what with the lights sparkling and the streets shining.  But time in southern California and southern Spain are not to be deprecated.

To the CareerMine RGC job.  The CareerMine site won’t let me copy the job description.  Wonder why this is.  Hardly a secret or unworthy of dissemination.  Probably scared others will copy the text and post it on their site.  All well and good for CareerMine, but a wholescale screwing of RGC and distribution of their job.

Particularly as they probably copied it from its source at the RGC website at this link.  Here is what the RGC website says:

Full-time position based in our head office in Vancouver. The successful candidate will have:

  • A post-graduate degree in Geotechnical or related discipline.
  • Registration as a Professional Engineer in a Canadian province (or at a minimum eligibility for such registration);
  • A minimum of 5 years of practical experience in the mining industry, preferably related to tailings and mine waste management;
  • Demonstrated experience in geotechnical field work, including test pitting, drilling supervision (Sonic, CPT), in-situ testing/monitoring and operation of monitoring equipment;
  • Experience in numerical modeling of geotechnical problems using a range of geotechnical software tools (including SLOPE/W, SEEP/W, FLAC, Plaxis, etc);
  • Demonstrated communication and technical writing skills.
  • Experience in tailings research, in particular tailings deposition and consolidation, and/or hydrogeology will be an asset but is not required.

The successful candidate will join a dynamic team of engineers and scientists that assists mining companies worldwide in the design, operation and closure of mine waste facilities (tailings impoundments, waste rock piles, heap leach piles).

Note that the folk at CareerMine got the bullet formatting all messed up.  Pity for it renders the experience list confusing and ultimately meaningless.  The peril of mining the web.

Any rate the job with RGC will be fun.  The successful candidate will work with me and others as I try to pass on my years of learning before I fade into the mists of senility and bloggers heaven.  Actually the only heaven I want is one where Bellini is still composing operas.  Can you imagine his equivalent of Othello, Don Carlo, and Falstaff?

For those who do not follow this vision of heaven, recall that Bellini died in his early thirties (33) having composed only nine superb operas.  Whereas Verdi wrote about thirty operas and was very old when he died (88).  He wrote the operas listed when well past sixty. In fact he was eighty when he wrote Falstaff, a masterpiece.  If only Bellini had had 55 more years.  Or maybe he would like Rossini have retired at forty to a villa overlooking a lake to entertain aspirant sopranos–and not write another opera in the many years of old-age debauchery. He was 76 when he died.  But he did write some forty operas before retiring at 40.

Who knows I may have many years yet like some opera composers to pass on to the successful candidate a tune or two.

Contact us and let us talk.  It will be faster than CareerMine.

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mooi blanc ueedfuXG1rea862o1_500[1]

Monday night we went to the tents at Bard on the Beach to see Shakespeare’s Opera presented by students from the University of British Columbia. First a tail-gate meal in amongst the trees of chicken, bread, and wine.  Just the right stuff to put you in the mood for opera.  And we were not disappointed. The students are all magnificent singers and we revel in the thought that there is such talent out there to take the place of older singers.  Opera proceeds with confidence into the future when you hear these young singers. (more…)

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On a cold winter’s night I watched Verdi’s La Forza Del Destino.  Verdi was agnostic, yet this opera is suffused with Christian themes. (more…)

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From the sublime to the ridiculous:  from a grungy apartment far east on Kingsway to I Vespri Siciliani.   From the way the poor live to the way the privileged luxuriate. (more…)

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Old men still love, although we seldom succeed.  That is the inevitable message of today’s Met HD broadcast of Verdi’s Falstaff.  I reflected all the opera on this year’s affair now gone to Quebec, maybe to return next year?  How can age impede the impulses of the young? (more…)

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Verdi’s Attila on Bose


Skipped work a little early today and went and bought the Bose Home Theater system: five small speakers, a small subwoofer, and an elegant receiver.  Not cheap, but so good-looking, easy to install, and the sound! (more…)

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Estate planning is on our minds.  This past week a senior colleague spent long periods with his lawyers debating how to dispose of his estate: if I go first then….If my wife goes first then…..What complex solutions they devised.  For there are four houses and four kids plus nine grandkids.  Who gets what and how to avoid punitive taxes all round? (more…)

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