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On a cold winter’s night I watched Verdi’s La Forza Del Destino.  Verdi was agnostic, yet this opera is suffused with Christian themes. (more…)

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From the sublime to the ridiculous:  from a grungy apartment far east on Kingsway to I Vespri Siciliani.   From the way the poor live to the way the privileged luxuriate. (more…)

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Old men still love, although we seldom succeed.  That is the inevitable message of today’s Met HD broadcast of Verdi’s Falstaff.  I reflected all the opera on this year’s affair now gone to Quebec, maybe to return next year?  How can age impede the impulses of the young? (more…)

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Verdi’s Attila on Bose


Skipped work a little early today and went and bought the Bose Home Theater system: five small speakers, a small subwoofer, and an elegant receiver.  Not cheap, but so good-looking, easy to install, and the sound! (more…)

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Estate planning is on our minds.  This past week a senior colleague spent long periods with his lawyers debating how to dispose of his estate: if I go first then….If my wife goes first then…..What complex solutions they devised.  For there are four houses and four kids plus nine grandkids.  Who gets what and how to avoid punitive taxes all round? (more…)

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Here is a picture of a child’s play ground in Iowa.  Better we revel in the games of children than contemplate the outcome of these games: tribes, battle, war, death & devastation, or at the least indulgence in opera & brandy.  Here are some thoughts from today on these topics, blogged lest the demons of Hades torment our sleep. (more…)

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Rigoletto was the first opera I encountered as a young boy.  Every Sunday we would go across to Brakpan to have lunch with Grandma.  She would cook a chicken (free range in those days) and would stuff it with pork sausages.  The chickens were always lean and small and expensive but the stuffing and yorkshire pudding filled an ever-hungry tummy. (more…)

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