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You remember Jill.  She is the philosophy major who is employed by an innovative mining company, MMC, to oversee risk management of the mining company’s geowaste facilities including the tailings, waste rock, and heap leach facilities. (more…)

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Today I went to HR Block and had my taxes calculated.  It is a disaster: I owe lots and the total taxes I paid is more than the average Canadian salary.   I am seriously considering selling up and moving to Las Vegas.  And stopping working.  Why work to merely pay great sums to the government that squanders the money on frivolous pursuits?   I could blog away at no cost to anyone; to no income to me; and to no taxes to a far-distant gobbler and distributor of my earned income. (more…)

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The Wisconsin legislature has just posted a proposed new law on mining in the state.  The full document is available at this link.    At 191 pages it is not a short read; but it is a must-read.  And it is a fascinating read.  It is serious and sometimes frivolous.  Consider these sections that caught my eye on scanning the document: (more…)

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Today I was criticized for failing to clearly set out the project objectives.  Damn me, I know what we are setting out to do.  “But the rest of us do not,” was the reply. And so I wrote out the project objectives in deliberate detail.  And that set me writing the rest of this posting.  It may be entertaining; I hope it is informative; as least it should give you some idea of the issues and events involved in mine waste disposal engineering.  (more…)

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More on slimes dams, tailings impoundments, and processed geological materials residue deposits.  Here is an extract from a recent e-mail setting out the regulations that govern tailings dams in South Africa. (more…)

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A short posting to recommend some weekend reading.  If you go to this link, you will find under the heading New on TechnoMine two newly posted documents: (more…)

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    This week, EduMine posted a new course that I wrote.  As is the title of this posting, the new course is called Geotechnical Engineering for Mine GeoWaste Facilities.  

I was prompted to write the course when I was called on to explain to a client who is not a geotechnical engineer what is involved in geotechnical engineering.  This client was in charge of the design and construction of a large tailings impoundment that involves nearly every aspect of geotechnical engineering.  He asked me fundamental questions that demanded a wider knowledge base than a simple answer could provide.  Thus I wrote a few short pieces for him and then more short pieces to expand on topics.  Eventually it was obvious we needed a complete course.  So I wrote it.

The course covers pretty much the complete spectrum of geotechnical engineering as applicable to mine tailings impoundments, waste rock dumps, and heap leach pads.  I write from my own experience, including over forty years as a consultant to the mining industry.  During that time I have been lucky enough to work on the geotechnical engineering aspects of all these large structures that I collectively refer to as Mine GeoWaste Facilities. 

I contemplated a course on tailings impoundments alone.  But the topic seemed insurmountable.  Apart from that, there is so much written and readily available about the fundamentals of tailings impoundments that I could not face going into competition with so many excellent texts.   Moreover, it was clear from interaction with my client that a more fundamental look at the basics was needed.  Thus in the course I go back to the fundamentals of soil mechanics that underlie every tailings storage facility, every waste rock dump, and every heap leach pad.

If the topic interests you, I recommend going to the links I provide above, join EduMine, and read the course.  Please tell me how you fare and help me add to future updates of the course by telling me your stories.  Thanks

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