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Mike Jacobs of Goldcorp presented the keynote address today at Paste 2014 in Vancouver.  His topic:  Where mining meets the public–and why water is so important? He told us that Goldcorp annually publishes the statistics of the use of water at all its mines.  Commendable. Then he told us of the First Nations prayer ceremonies at the opening and closing of water seasons at their mines.  Incredible. (more…)

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Is the Supercycle over?  I believe it is.  But others think otherwise. Mining.com says:

Don’t sound the death knell just yet: The resource ‘supercycle’ may not be breathing its last breath. The resource sector’s period of sharp price rises and heightened volatility is “alive and well,” say analysts of the business and economics research arm of McKinsey & Company.  “Rumors of the supercycle’s death are greatly exaggerated,” authors of the 2013 Trends Survey write. “Despite recent falls, commodity prices are still near their levels of early to mid-2008, just before the global financial crisis hit.”  By historical standards, resource prices are still high – even as the global economy slowly pulls itself out of recession. (more…)

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Many years ago in Vancouver I attended a conference on mining law put on by the Rocky Mountain Mineral Law Institute.  Today I received the flyer for the 59th Annual conference to be held in Spokane July 18-20,2013.   The speakers at the event that I attended in Vancouver were the best and most entertaining I have ever listened to at any conference ever, even though the topics were tough legal issues in mining.  Most are lawyers afterall. (more…)

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Lazily browsing the web, I came across this report from Zimbabwe about a mine running out of water. There is so much one could say, that I refrain from comment and just post the story as I found it.  You will no doubt draw your own conclusions.  (more…)

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Here are links to two e-books on the issues of risks and mining in 2013.  Both required reading if you are investing in mining:

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In yesterday’s blog posting, I speculated on the potential for use by Californian quarries of recycled sewage water.  Today I read an abstract of a paper to be presented in Lima, Peru next year at the conference on Mine Water Solutions. (more…)

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Mining has brought me to Santiago, Chile and will take me north to the great copper mining district.  This past week, I have met with civil and mining engineers working on a new mine.  Their challenges are water and energy to make the mine profitable.  Both water and energy are in short supply up north and we are having to adopt a new mind-set to find ways of doing things that involve less water and less energy. (more…)

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