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Risk is the product of probability and consequence.  In the long term, as time proceeds to infinity, the probability of an adverse event tends to one.  When seeking to control the risk of long-term tailings facility failure, there is little we can do about the probability of failure.  In the goodness of time it will occur.  All we can do today, is to seek to limit the consequences of failure, adverse performance, and unacceptable impact. (more…)

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The sun is shining bright and the day is warm here is Huntington Beach, California, where I am spending time with kids and grandkids.  Somehow or other, the pressures of taking the kids to McDonald’s and other diverse hamburger places for lunch, riding the bike down to the beach, being nice at parties to old & new friends, and shopping for the festive season, have left no time for blogging.  Plus there were no obvious topics on mining that met the requisite level of interest and contentiousness.  (more…)

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