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Goldcorp has announced that it will seek to involve more women in mining.  That is admirable.  Here are some of my stories of women in mining. (more…)

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No posts these past few days as I have been in Huntington Beach with kids and grandkids.  In between family time I have read Dickens’ Bleak House.  Many strange and mad characters in that book.  Victorians all I concluded; until I looked around me in Huntington Beach and saw the following two whose story I tell. (more…)

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Day one of the  conference Paste 2014.   Actually the actual conference begins tomorrow.  Today there were short courses and meeting of friends and fellow travellers on the mining journey.  The most beautiful was a lovely lady from Brazil who is studying at the university of British Columbia for a semester and will be a mining engineer in a year or two.  We chatted over lunch and if she is, as I believe she will be, the future of mining, the profession is in good and beautiful hands. (more…)

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Today was the first warm day of spring.  I slept late, got up to sunshine, and rode my bicycle into work via the Seabus (in total a 60 minute journey).  I rode home this evening along the bike lanes,  along Adanac Road, and over the Second Narrows Bridge (about 75 minutes of cycling.) (more…)

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On a plane, somewhere between Santiago and Dallas, while enjoying food , drink, and Green Day on my iPod, I read in one of the five magazines that I regularly peruse, an article that said that business leaders who support Romney are not coming out in his support.  They think he will be good for the economy; but they do not like his, and the Republican’s, social policies.  Who but mittconception and his tribe believe that pregnancy, even by rape, is God’s will?  (more…)

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Breaking the cycle of poverty is a noble aim and a laudable action.  The instinct of rich Canadian women to do good is inevitably drawn to such “business” activities as making small loans to the otherwise dispossessed.  They call it microlending.  Here is the latest report on more noble action by rich ladies and richer guys: 

Three well-known Canadian mining financiers and philanthropists have agreed to donate their time and support to the latest Canadian mining industry social cause. In a “Dragon’s Den meets The Apprentice” format, Frank Giustra, Rob McEwen and Eric Sprott have agreed to meet with the winners of a MEET THE MINING MOGUL contest being organized by the WOMEN IN MINING to support a CDN$250,000 fundraiser for microlending in South Africa. 

Rob McEwen, who is CEO of US GOLD, comments about his reason for supporting this fundraiser: “I believe in the concept of instilling confidence, causing people to believe in themselves and to strive towards financial independence. Microlending exists for that purpose.” Contest winners will be announced during the International Women in Mining Reception on March 3, 2009, at the Prospectors & Developers Association of Canada Convention in Toronto.


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Janice Molineau, state mine inspector for underground minesI wish this were just a joke; but it is a fact.  Whenever I post anything on this blog about women in mining, two things happen:

  • I get many quiet comments about being sexist; and
  • The number of page views increases dramatically. 

The number of page views also increases dramatically whenever I use keywords like “pretty lady.”  The reason for this sudden spike of interest is, I suspect, the rather sordid spectacle of men who have automatic alerts to anything new on pretty ladies, women mining, and you can imagine the rest. 

So with some trepidation, I bring your attention to the 2004 report on the III International Conference on “Women and Mining.”  For obvious reasons I do not comment, but leave you to read and decide yourself. 

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